A Philadelphia newspaper reporter tries to find an elusive film that proves JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy.

Reporter Sean Dublin travels to Washington, D.C. with college intern Kathy Cooper in search of a home-movie that contradicts the Warren Commission’s report on President John F. Kennedy’s murder. Their investigation uncovers a twisted plot by a clandestine organization that seeks control over major global events. As the journalists get closer to the truth, their lives are threatened by the power brokers who will do anything to remain anonymous.

Amazon.com: The Morgan Film: A JFK Assassination Story: 9798398841411: Donahue, Steven: Books

Sparks ignite between two firefighters as they investigate a series of arson fires in the idyllic town of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania.

Firefighter Wyatt James returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, and he kindles a new romance with Kasey Carpenter as they get embroiled in the arson case.

This smoldering Romance story follows Wyatt and Kasey as they try to stop the arsonist. Along the way, Wyatt is accused of the crimes, and Kasey tries to help clear his name and bring the real firebug to justice.

Unfriendly Fire: Donahue, Steven: 9798371644268: Amazon.com: Books

Two quarrelsome guardian angels help a lonely inn keeper find love at Christmastime in this light-hearted romance story.

Guardian angels Zeke and Emily are assigned to help Lucy Tanner after the lonesome woman prays for divine intervention in her search for someone to love. The angels have a history together, and they frequently bicker with each other as they try to accomplish their mission. Along the way, two possible suitors emerge, both with endearing qualities and dark secrets. Lucy faces another challenge as the ownership of her inn is endangered by a ruthless businessman.

Snow Angels: Donahue, Steven: 9798766463672: Amazon.com: Books

Amanda Rio is a housewife who leads a seemingly normal life. She takes care of her husband Bobby and their 12-year-old daughter Mary in their quiet suburban neighborhood. She cooks, cleans and shops like any other homemaker. But her life is a continual nightmare. Amanda lives with a monster: her husband Bobby. The burly man has a short fuse and he frequently takes out his frustrations on his wife.

She seeks the help of a trusted priest and manages to convince her husband to begin couples counseling after Bobby inadvertently injures his daughter during one of his tirades. However, Amanda's relationships with two different younger men threaten the Rio's marriage and her own safety. This character-driven story explores Amanda's efforts to repair her marriage, and her self-destructive personality that complicates her quest.

Amanda Rio: Donahue, Steven: 9781977745842: Amazon.com: Books

Twelve-year-old Amy Sutter steals the experimental spacecraft Liberty Bell to rescue her father and his colleagues from alien captors called the Crownaxians. She is pursued by Lt. Yale Brown, the officer in charge of the ship’s security, who has orders to bring back the Liberty Bell at any cost.

 Amy the Astronaut and the Flight for Freedom: Donahue, Steven: 9780615931951: Amazon.com: Books

Amy Sutter returns with a new space adventure as she travels to a distant planet filled with secrets and danger.

The second entry in the Amy the Astronaut series finds the teen rocketeer joining Yale and Madison aboard the Liberty Bell on a mission of mercy to a planet devastated by a natural disaster. The relief mission takes a turn for the worse when the crew discovers a plot that could destroy the Union, and they face off against new enemies that threaten their survival.

Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers: Donahue, Steven: 9781948374149: Amazon.com: Books

Some of nature’s secrets are not meant to be revealed, as anthropologist Mike Foster and big game hunter Ben Cutler discover.

A fisherman in a northern Pennsylvania town has an encounter with the legendary Sasquatch, and his eyewitness account grabs the attention of Mike Foster, who joins the search for the animal after physical evidence is discovered that supports the fisherman’s claim. However, Foster’s peaceful interest in the case clashes with the violent desires of Ben Cutler, a gun-for-hire who comes to town to kill the creature.

Chasing Bigfoot by Donahue, Steven (amazon.com)

The thrilling story of four slaves who try to escape to the northern area of the United States along the Underground Railroad in 1853.

Kelsa Colver leads her husband and two young sons on the dangerous trek after a fellow slave is murdered by a vindictive slave owner. Along the way, the Colvers are assisted by various abolitionists, including a neighboring farmer, a progressive priest, a sympathetic lawman, and notable figures Harriet Tubman and William Still. However, their efforts are impeded by a dark family secret, and the interventions of a corrupt clergyman, vicious outlaws and greedy slave hunters.

Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of... by Donahue, Steven (amazon.com)

Naive SS officer Blaz Schaffer is assigned guard duty at Auschwitz in Poland in 1944 after suffering an injury in battle. While stationed at the camp, he visits Solahütte, a nearby resort for German personnel, and he falls in love with Sara, a worker at the lodge.

Schaffer clashes with his fellow soldiers over their ruthless treatment of the camp prisoners, particularly the head guard, Wilhelm Gratzfirmer, a psychopathic Nazi who enjoys torturing and murdering the captives. He also runs afoul of Dr. Joseph Mengele, the notorious camp doctor who decides the fates of the prisoners as they arrive at the camp. As his injury heals and his time at the camp nears its end, Schaffer makes a fateful decision that changes the lives of those around him.

Solahütte by Donahue, Steven (amazon.com)

The riveting story of a private investigator and a Philadelphia police detective who try to catch a serial killer in the City of Brotherly Love. P.I. Karen Thorn and Det. Sean O' Brien hunt for the killer, who uses a length of manila rope to strangle his victims, after Thorn is hired by the father of the first victim.

The suspects include a shady politician, a notorious mobster, and a professional football player, all of whom have strong motives for murder. Meanwhile, Karen prepares for a crucial boxing match against an opponent with ties to organized crime, and she endangers herself by refusing to cooperate with a vicious gangster who will do anything to make a profit. The murder investigation is further complicated by a newspaper reporter who doggedly pursues the high-profile case.

The Manila Strangler: Donahue, Steven: 9798744098940: Amazon.com: Books

The exciting tale of two of Santa’s famous reindeer and their efforts to stop an evil witch from ruining Christmas. Comet and Cupid fall into a trap set by a witch named Ezrica, who abducts the reindeer and strips them of their magic powers. She then sends two trolls to Santa’s village to carry out the rest of her diabolical plan. It’s up to Comet and Cupid to stop the evildoers and save Christmas.

Comet and Cupid's Christmas Adventure: Donahue, Steven: 9781493705627: Amazon.com: Books